Sergio Tassi

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Sergio Tassi

Florentine contemporary painter


Sergio Tassi was born in 1953 in Dicomano, a town near Firenze.
His passion for painting has begun many years ago, when Sergio was still a child. A passion that he continued to improve with commitment and passion, attending several courses like Scuola libera del nudo (School of naked) and Decoratore ceramista (Ceramic decoration).
Sergio began to expose his artworks in personal and collective exhibitions when he was 20-years-old, and he is still continuing. At now, his works are placed in several collections, both italian and foreign ones.

Usually, Sergio uses rigid supporst for his paints (for example plywood) because he needs the resistance of a hard surface.
He begins a paint without a precise project, but he create his work with instict and automatism. In this way, he can manage his work very well, recovering it with a simple bush stroke.

- The important thing - as the artist says - is to never lost the "contact" with the paint, in order to reach quietly the conclusion and be happy for the final result. -

At the moment, the artist is following mainly three kinds of paint (check the gallery section):

  • figurative
  • abstract
  • landscapes